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Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator

Attorney letters provided on behalf of Investigator Sylvia Palma recommending membership:




Palma & Palma Investigations is proud to be a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, or CCDI since 2010. From the Board's website: "The Council encourages the philosophical and methodical approach to the investigative process. In fact, the Councilís devotion to objective and impartial investigation is its primary strength. Criminal defense investigation is a specialized discipline and demands to be recognized as such. It is the goal of the Council to gain the recognition and respect its members deserve. Criminal defense investigation is not a subordinate to law enforcement criminal investigation. It is a highly specialized discipline within itself and therefore requires training and research suited to its own needs. With this in mind, the Council seeks to standardize basic methodology, procedure, and training devoted solely to the discipline of criminal defense investigation."


990 Industrial Road, Suite 209, San Carlos, CA 94070
Office: 650-367-9890 Fax: 650-249-5635
CA PI License #15394, CCDI

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