“It’s been terrific working with Sylvia Palma. She has a great work ethic and is very personable. These qualities have had a tremendous impact in our cases.  Her personality has put even hostile witnesses at ease, and her work product is always completed promptly and professionally. I know I can always count on Sylvia for not just getting a job done, but going above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality investigative work.”

May J. Mar

May J. MarAttorney-At-Law - Redwood City, CA

Thank you so much for your support, guidance, and assistance throughout this case. It’s much appreciated and I hope all other investigators provide the same level of work product and diligence on each of their cases. Your work product has been unparalleled.”

Diana R. Passadori

Diana R. PassadoriAttorney-At-Law - Redwood City, CA

“Exceptionally creative and resourceful, Palma & Palma Investigations is by far one of the best private investigation firms in the Bay Area. If there is a witness that needs to be found or any information about a witness that needs to be uncovered, no one does it as professionally and as diligently as Sylvia Palma (licensee). I highly recommend her investigation services to those in need of high caliber and efficient investigation in complex matters.”

Mitri Hanania

Mitri HananiaAttorney-At-Law - Redwood City, CA

“It looks like you have done it again.  I know you prefer to remain below the radar but the recent results of your tenacity and hard work have exposed you as one of the most talented investigators on our team.  I am proud to have you!”

John Maness

John ManessChief Investigator - San Mateo County Private Defender Program

“I had long had a wish to learn some information about a much-admired gentleman who had passed away in 1983.  Sylvia got the names of his three children from an obituary notice and quickly found them all, each in a different state.  More importantly, she tactfully undertook to explain to them who I was and the information that I was seeking.  Not only did I receive what I was looking for, the children were gracious in providing additional information of great personal value to me.  Thanks to Sylvia’s professional and “people” skills, this quest ended in a far more gratifying way than I had ever expected.”

George Butler

George ButlerSoftware Entrepreneur - Redwood City, CA

“I was looking for gang expert information. Sylvia provided me with exemplars of her work, demonstrating her attention to detail and her extraordinary writing ability. Sylvia organizes her interview material and presents it in a concise and well thought out manner and writes clearly, with no distracting errors. It is clear from her writing that she has extracted the needed, relevant information and she presents it in the most useful and compelling fashion. Sylvia also provided me with information for several experts in the field. I would not hesitate to work with Sylvia on anything and would especially be interested in her work with difficult witnesses. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with her in the future.”

Ross JerniganPrivate Investigator - Owner of Astute Investigations

“Sylvia Palma is one of the best investigators I’ve ever used. She is diligent, hardworking, innovative, determined, and intelligent. She is extremely resourceful and is willing to go the extra mile for my clients. She will get the job done. She is an experienced professional who is highly regarded in the community.”

Raymond A. Buenaventura, Esq.

Raymond A. Buenaventura, Esq.Certified Criminal Law Specialist - Redwood City, CA

“My personal opinion of your service and investigation is that I did go to the right place when I needed the help. Your people handled the investigation expertly and kept me informed of all the pertinent details throughout the process. I am very pleased with the performance of your team and would not hesitate to call again should the need arise.”

Joe CardozaExecutive - Progress Software Corporation

“Investigator Sylvia Palma is one of the best in the business. In our latest case, Sylvia’s tireless work tracking down witnesses, getting statements, and making sure our client had the best chance at trial was monumental in achieving the just result for our client. Our client would not have had the result he did without Sylvia’s hard work!”

Jeffrey B. Jackson, Esq.

Jeffrey B. Jackson, Esq.Redwood City, CA

“We feel very thankful that Ms. Palma was involved in our case, which we believe led to a positive outcome. From the time we met with her, she always presented herself in a professional, and caring manner. She was extremely compassionate regarding our situation. She offered support and guidance that helped us get through this very troublesome time. She was always available to speak to and helped us to feel completely comfortable in her presence. In addition to that, her investigation was complete and thorough, and she was very skillful in getting at the truth of the matter. We believe she went over and above what someone else might have done.”

Private ClientSan Mateo, CA

“I have worked with Sylvia Palma on several large and difficult cases. I have come to expect the highest quality of investigation, both in analyzing the case and in obtaining statements from reluctant witnesses. Sylvia understands defenses and mitigation. While I have grown to expect work product of a high quality from Sylvia, it seems she always surprises me by coming in with something just that much better than I expected.”

Jeff Hayden, Esq.

Jeff Hayden, Esq.Certified Criminal Law Specialist - Redwood City, CA

“I have never worked with Sylvia Palma before. I asked that she talk to witnesses to determine what they had observed. Sylvia did that, but also asked them for their impressions of the participants, which turned out to be more helpful than their observations. Her initiative has greatly changed the complexion of this case for the better.”

Terence J. Shannon, Esq.Foster City, CA

In 2003, I was in a serious automobile accident in which my new Mercedes was completely totaled. I was not even driving the car, the technician was road testing it with me as the passenger.  After the accident I began my search for an attorney due to the fact that my insurance company was not giving me fair compensation. The first attorney I interviewed selected the company Palma & Palma Investigations to take photographs of my automobile. I received the packet and was very impressed with the photos and the professional portfolio.  As the story goes I did not use that attorney but took the photographs with me to the new one.  Not only did I win my law suit but I believe it was in no small part due to those photographs.


Years later, I would look at the portfolio and did not have the heart to throw it away because of the quality of work. I would look at the name Palma and wonder who that person was. In 2010 I was privileged to meet private investigator Sylvia Palma at a social event. I asked her if she remembered my car because I recognized her name. I was elated to tell her I have remembered her name all these years because of the outstanding quality of her work. I let her know how fortunate I felt that I could tell her in person.

Debra J. KellerPrivate Client

I work with a personal injury law firm and we would not hesitate to happily recommend Sylvia Palma and her staff. Sylvia is thorough, careful, sensitive and very professional. She thinks “outside the box”, she anticipates needs, considers all angles and is timely in her responses. She makes a great team player and we only turn to Sylvia when we have a need for private investigation.

Peggy C.Legal Assistant - Law Offices of John M. Cahill, Menlo Park

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