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“Exceptionally creative and resourceful, Palma & Palma Investigations is by far one of the best private investigation firms in the Bay Area…”

~ Mitri Hanania, Esq.

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Who We Are

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Palma & Palma Investigations enables you to succeed by providing information that supports your legal strategy. What distinguishes this firm? More than 25 years of experience, a track record of obtaining information rapidly with integrity and diligence, the ability to put witnesses at ease, and most of all, a commitment to being an impartial, objective advocate of the truth.

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California Licensed Private Investigator

License Number 15394

Palma & Palma Investigations is licensed under the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and bound by the Business and Professions Code for Private Investigators, Division 3, Chapter 11.3. Click here to review the code.

California Defense Investigation Training Council

Palma & Palma Investigations is proud to be a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, or CCDI since 2010. From the Board’s website: “The Council encourages the philosophical and methodical approach to the investigative process. In fact, the Council’s devotion to objective and impartial investigation is its primary strength. Criminal defense investigation is a specialized discipline and demands to be recognized as such. It is the goal of the Council to gain the recognition and respect its members deserve. Criminal defense investigation is not subordinate to law enforcement criminal investigation. It is a highly specialized discipline within itself and therefore requires training and research suited to its own needs. With this in mind, the Council seeks to standardize basic methodology, procedure, and training devoted solely to the discipline of criminal defense investigation.”

The following are letters provided on behalf of Investigator Sylvia Palma recommending board certification:



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Calfornia Licensed Private Investigator Since 1992

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